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Easy Bag
  • Easy Bag

    The cooler bags have free layers. The outer layer, high-quality synthetic fabric, and laminated rigid poly-EVA material have
    been made. The middle layer is made with polymeric foam technology. It is a unique insulation layer. The inner layer, extra
    to the heatsink. It is made of polyvinyl acetate polymer to provide sealing. High-quality insulation inside, with a heat loss of only 0.2° per hour, 12 It maintains the temperature of your food and drinks for hours. This period can be extended further
    with the support of the battery and ice gel. Outer layer, made of laminated rigid EVA copolymer with a non-condensation
    and anti-scratch surface while the middle layer is high-density sealed air patented insulation. It is made of foam and the
    inner chamber is completely sealed with the material.

    • Composition

      Width: 36 cm
      Height: 24 cm
      Depth: 21 cm
      Volume: 8 Lt.
      Weight: 0,60 kg

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