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Running Socks
  • Running Socks

    Thermoform running socks, particularly thermolite thermal thread in them, protect the temperature of your feet in cold
    weather by prohibiting the heat loss that would happen in your feet during your daily life and activities. Thermolite thread’s
    broad fiber surface facilitates evaporation and enables faster moisture removal from your skin. Zonal tower weaves used in
    these socks help you take part in jogging, running, and such activities for longer without feeling tired. They regulate blood
    circulation thanks to the technique utilized in the stocking parts that equilibrate pressure.

    • Composition

      Material: 55% Thermolite, 20% Cotton 22% Polyamide, 3% Elastane

    • Reference

      Sizes: 35, 38 / 39, 42 / 43, 46

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